About Us

With 30 years of experience and expertise, CVC Systems is one of the UK’s leading designers, suppliers and installers of residential ventilation systems, air cooling solutions and energy-efficient MVHR units.

Why Choose Us?

CVC Systems is one of the UK’s Leading designers, suppliers, and installers of ventilation systems, with nearly 30 years of experience in the industry.

We understand that the requirements for a Passivhaus are different from that of a standard build and the team have had the privilege of being involved with numerous projects that have acquired Passivhaus certification.

CVC Systems offers a free design and quote service; each design is bespoke to the project, we work alongside others involved in the project, to ensure the best system is provided for the project.

With a team of national installers positioned around the UK, CVC can provide installation of all our systems wherever your build may be.

Want More Details About Our Products?

From the Brink Flair 400 to air source heat pumps our product specifications will help to inform you which is the best solution for your project. Need to buy a new filter and know the brand you want? Take a look at our webshop.