Our Products

CVC Ltd partners with Brink Climate Systems and Ubbink Ducting Systems. We have found that these quality products have proven their efficiency and superiority to other brands time and again. We are happy to design bespoke MVHR Systems for our customers to fit their ventilation requirements around their lifestyle, providing an efficient home heating and cooling system that is unique to them. We carry a large stockholding of units and ducting systems within our UK warehouse and are able to provide full systems or parts at very short notice. All our system quotes include everything needed for the complete installation.


MVHR works by extracting warm moist air from ‘wet’ rooms and supplying filtered, warmed air to your home’s bedrooms, living rooms etc. The extracted warm air is drawn through a ducting system, back to the main unit which contains a heat exchanger. At the same time, fresh air is brought in from the atmosphere. The extracted air is used to warm the incoming fresh, filtered air. This fresh, filtered, warm air is then reintroduced back into the property via a ducting system. Our experienced team at CVC Ltd are here to help and advise on the correct heating and cooling system for your home. From the efficient and quiet Brink Flair 400 MVHR Unit to the ready to plug in Brink Renovent Sky 150, take a closer look at the specifications of our ventilation units.


The choice of the most suitable ducting is important in order to optimize the efficiency of a system, to make it as silent as possible and to keep all hygienic. The choice of ducting will, in almost all cases, be a permanent one for the lifetime of the building. At CVC Ltd, we recommend rigid galvanised metal ducting such as the Lindab Safe Galvanised Steel Spiral Ducting is a top-class domestic ducting system with life-long airtight double seals at all connectors.

Heating and Cooling

Whether you’re looking to cool down your house during the summer or to help to keep it cosy during the winter, CVC Ltd offer a range of high-quality heating and cooling system products that go hand-in-hand with our ventilation systems, supplying the whole house with excellent air quality as well as a pleasant temperature all year long.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are a way to heat your home that could give you a greener alternative to boiler heating systems. Air source heat pumps use air as their main source of energy. They take energy from the air outside and convert it into heat for your home. Basically, they work in the same way that fridges and air-conditioning units do, just in reverse. A low carbon heating solution that can reduce your carbon footprint against fossil fuels or electric base heating.


Just like our everyday household appliances, Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems need controls and instructions for end-users. The Brink Home App now allows the user to easily find and rectify the fault, usually on their own, the App can also allow the user to access a list of dealers and installers for their particular MVHR unit. If you need any further information about a particular control unit, simply get in touch with our team

Want To Buy Filters And Spares For HRV Units?

From temperature sensors to Sky filters suitable for your Passivhaus build. Take a look at our webshop full of filters and accessories.