Heating and Cooling

A big part of having a comfortable household is having good air quality and comfortable air temperature.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery Systems are an efficient way of providing the necessary ventilation with very few heat losses on the increasingly airtighter dwellings. However, these can also be used for space heating or back up heating.

MVHR Systems

Either you are looking for help to cool down your house during the summer or to help heat it up during the winter CVC can provide several solutions that can be combined with your MVHR system supplying the whole house with excellent air quality as well as a pleasant temperature.

As only limited heat can be transferred by air, the heat load of the house has to be very low in order to use air heating as the only heating system so this normally can only be achieved in a Passivhaus dwelling where the PHPP provided by a certified Passivhaus designer shows that heating via air is possible.

Heating Capacity [kW]

Water Range [°C] Air suction temperature [°C]
Nominal Maximum
400 m3/h 450 m3/h
+16 +18 +20 +22 +16 +18 +20 +22
45/35 2.86 2.60 2.34 2.10 3.11 2.80 2.52 2.21
45/40 3.30 3.01 2.76 2.50 3.56 3.28 3.00 2.69
50/35 3.07 2.81 2.52 2.26 3.30 3.02 2.72 2.41
70/50 5.30 5.02 4.73 4.45 5.71 5.40 5.10 4.79


Cooling Capacity [kW]

Specification Value
Water Range [°C] 7/11
Air suction temperature [°C] 22
Nominal Maximum
Flow rate [m3/h] 400 450
Cooling capacity [kW] 1.49/1.59 1.65/1.75
Water capacity [l/h] 342 376
Water pressure head [kPa] 3.63 4.32


Air Comfort

The Air Comfort system module is part of the central ventilation system and can be connected to almost any hot water system, for instance, the central heating boiler, district heating, or a reversible heat pump.

Together with the ventilation appliance, the Air Comfort supplies fresh air ventilation with additional heating or additional cooling.
In order to achieve a perfect interior climate with a constant room temperature, the air flow is automatically adjusted according to the discharge temperature.

Other Ventilation Products

At CVC Systems we design, deliver and install your complete ventilation project or heating recovery system. Take a look at some of the other ventilation products that we can install in your next home. If you’d like advice on selecting the right home ventilation solution, please get in touch.