MVHR Controls

Intelligent ventilation control for your home Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System is an important consideration when choosing a suitable ventilation solution for your home. At CVC Ltd we are happy to offer advice on the energy efficiency and controllability of your heat recovery unit. We use the following controllers for installed MVHR Units.

Brink Home App

All Brink MVHR systems are supplied complete with an onboard remote control interface as standard. Previously when consumers had a fault with the device, they often found it difficult to find the manual or understand the fault code.

The Brink Flair models are now integrated with an App for maximum system control and flexibility for the home user. The Brink Home App, allows the user to easily adjust the heat recovery unit or find and rectify any faults that may occasionally occur. The App also allows the user to access a list of dealers and installers.

The App will alert the consumer when a filter needs replacing. The Brink App also provides general information and news about Brink MVHR Systems along with a list of frequently asked questions.

Another very useful addition to the Brink Control App is the ability to link the MVHR System through voice-activated external devices such as Alexa Echo / Dot,  enabling flexible climate control in an easy and user-friendly way.

The Benefits of using the Brink Smart Control Solution are:

Optimal Use

  • Adjust the ventilation rate for your personal needs.
  • Switch to a different control mode.
  • Set the ventilation to absent / holiday mode.


Control the status

  • Ventilation rate and flow.
  • Bypass open/close.
  • CO2 percentage.
  • Relative Humidity (RH) percentage.
  • The temperature inside/outside.
  • 2 zone demand control active.
  • Frost protection active.
  • Filter status.
  • Service announcements.

Efficient service

  • Send the service announcement to your installer.
  • Let the installer watch your system from a distance.
  • Assess what is necessary and find a solution.
  • The installer has a clear picture of the setting and parameters.

Brink SMART App Solution advantages at a glance:

  • Check the status of your ventilation system at any time.
  • Provides the installer with instant access to monitor your Brink Climate system from a
  • distance.
  • Remote control your system from home or when you are on your way home.
  • Know how your system is working via the App on your Smartphone or tablet, or with the portal on your PC.

Other MVHR Controls include:

Want To Buy Filters And Spares For Your Current Ventilation Unit?

At CVC Ltd we design, deliver and install your complete home ventilation solution or heat recovery system. Our webshop has a choice of filters and accessories, from temperature sensors to Sky filters suitable for your Passivhaus build.