Stiebel Eltron WPL-A 05 Premium

Air Source Heat Pump

The Stiebel Eltron WPL-A 05 Premium air source heat pump is not only suitable for heating and DHW operation but also provides cooling in the summer months. Since the inverter unit achieves high flow temperatures even at very low outside temperatures of down to –25 °C, it is equally suitable for use in new build and modernisation projects.


Stiebel Eltron WPL-A 05 Premium features include:

  • Air source heat pump installed outdoors for heating and cooling
  • Inverter technology: Variable speed compressor for perfectly matched heating output
  • 75 °C flow temperature enables high DHW temperatures and use in modernisation projects
  • Low operating noise thanks to infinitely adjustable fan speed and encapsulated refrigerant circuit
  • Futureproof and eco-friendly refrigerant with high efficiency
  • Highest efficiency all year round for low operating costs thanks to optimally matched components
  • Can be integrated into a home network and controlled via smartphone

Inverter air source heat pump with output-dependent control, designed as a mono block appliance for outdoor installation.

Can be used for heating and DHW operation; also provides efficient cooling via circuit reversal. Suitable for new build and modernisation projects due to very high flow temperatures all year round.

Optimised noise reduction due to encapsulated refrigerant circuit and acoustically isolated compressor.

The wide gaps between the evaporator fins create low air resistance and, in combination with the modulating fan, result in a low sound power level. The heat pumps achieve very high flow temperatures even at low outside temperatures. This ensures 60 °C in the DHW cylinder without electrical backup all year round.

In combination with the ISG, the on-site heat pump controller can be used to control the system in the home network or via a mobile device. Heat and electricity metering is implemented using refrigerant circuit data. An emergency/booster heater enables monoenergetic operation.

The refrigerant circuit works with the eco-friendly and future proof refrigerant R454C. It has optimum properties for heat pump applications

Type WPL-A 05 Premium
Output @ A2/W35 (EN 14511) 3.19 kW
Output @ A-7/W35 (EN 14511) 4.97 kW
COP @ A2/W35 (EN 14511) 4.6
COP @ A-7/W35 (EN 14511) 3.45


Technical data
Energy efficiency class, heat pump W35 A+++
Energy efficiency class, heat pump W55 A+++
Energy efficiency class, composite system (heat pump + controller) W35 A+++
Energy efficiency class, composite system (heat pump + controller) W55 A+++
SCOP (EN 14835) 4.7
Cooling capacity @ A35/W7 max. 4.73 kW
Cooling capacity @ A35/W18 partial load 3.37 kW
Sound Power level (EN 12102) 48 dB(A)
Regrigerant R454 C
Rated compressor voltage 230 V
Rated voltage, emergency/booster heater 230 V
Max. application limit on the heating side 75 °C
Height 900 mm
Width 1270 mm
Depth 593 mm
Weight 135 kg

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